Sewage Water Treatment Plant

sewage water treatmentOur latest technological Sewage Treatment Plants are adequate to meet requirements of diversified sectors like Residential Complexes, Hospitals, Schools and Institutions, Hotels and Resorts. Domestic waste water management system of any city consists of collection, treatment and disposal. In Conventional Centralized Sewage Treatment System, about 80% of the cost is accounted for the collection.




    - Useful for domestic and household
    - 90% removal of BOD and COD
    - Less  sludge production 
    - Consumption of electricity is low
    - Eco-friendly
    - Compact design
    - Easy to maintain

Area of Usage

    - Apartments
    - Hotels
    - Hospitals
    - Resorts 
    - IT parks

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

compact sewage water treatment plant

We are engaged in offering Compact Sewage Treatment Plants that are designed and manufactured as per the latest international standards. The Plants are of the activated sludge process types, which do not require any other kind of dosing. Further, our Compact Sewage Treatment Plant is single built in a closed module, which has different chambers. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we are also offering customization facility based on the specification given by the clients.




Pre Fabricated Sewage Treatment Plant

pre fabricated sewage water treatment plant

We are engaged in manufacturing of Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plants that are appreciated for high quality standards. The sewage treatment plants or recycling is considered as one of the feasible and cost effective proposals to treat reusable water. It reduces the high rate of depletion of the earth surface and ground waters. The recovered water is used for flushing, gardening, air conditioning and various other non-contact applications.




FBBR Type Sewage Treatment Plant

fbbr sewage water treatment plant

We provide FBBR Type Sewage Treatment Plant that is widely used in domestic and industrial sectors. The sewage plant is specifically installed for reprocessing water for several purposes like gardening, irrigation flushing and vehicle washing. The biological sewage treatment plant with its minuscule footprint fits into the smallest of spaces. Through this sewage treatment plant, water is recycled & reused so that the necessity of water is successfully answered. 

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