Domestic Water Consumption in India

Domestic contribution to the total water consumption is projected to increase from 5% in 2000 to 11% by 2050

•       Domestic consumption of water is expected to triple from 2000 to 2050

•       Per capita water consumption is expected to double from 89 liters/day in 2000 to 167 liters/day by 2050

Cities are facing severe water shortage

•       In 2005, 65% of households across 7 major cities1 face water deficiency

•       Cities are reaching out to distant water sources, e.g., Delhi and Chennai receive water from rivers that are 250 Km and 450 Km away, respectively

Untreated sewage from cities is leading to severe water pollution

•       Only 31% of the ~9,275 MM liters per day of wastewater generated by 23 metropolitan cities is treated

•       Severely polluted stretches in 18 major rivers identified by the CPCB3, were located in and around large urban areas